Changing Your Store Design Template Options

In this guide we look at the simple and advanced ways you can change the design of your store.

Template Options

In the admin area, you have the ability to control certain aspects of your store design. To access these simply go to the “Template -> Template Options” section in your admin area.

The template options are split into three categories:

  • Options – these are settings, for example the products to show in the homepage slider
  • Images – these are images that can be replaced and customised, for example the logo
  • CSS – these are style options, for example the colour of your text

Different templates will have a different set of options. More options will be added to the templates over time.

The Templates Folder

Each installation of Fresh Store Builder will have a “templates” folder. Inside here you will see folders for each of the templates installed. This folder contains all the files that control how your site looks.

IMPORTANT: You should always use template options to make changes instead of editing the files directly if you can, as these files may need to be overwritten when you upgrade.

Upgrade Warning

When you come to upgrade your store you are required to upload the new files to overwrite your old files. This will also overwrite your template files, meaning any changes you make will be reset.

First and foremost – backup your files before upgrading.

Adding and Styling Content

Remember that you can add various content via your control panel. Every category, page (including the homepage), product and manufacturer can have unique text and other information.

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