Guide on Upgrading Your Fresh Store Builder Version

In this guide we take a look at how to upgrade your store to the latest version. DFY Services also offer a Store Upgrade Service.

Backup Your Store

It is essential to first to do a complete backup of your store. If anything goes wrong or you overwrite any custom changes you have done then you can revert to this backup. Make sure you have a backup of both your files and your database.

Upload your Files

Get the latest Fresh Store Builder zip file (download here) and simply upload it to your existing directory. Overwrite the existing files if you are asked by your FTP client. Merge directories if you are asked to by your FTP client.

Run the Upgrade

Once you have uploaded and extract the zip file (or files if using FTP), simply visit and confirm the upgrade. This will not run the install again, it will just upgrade your store database.

Your upgrade is now finished. Do a quick test of your store to make sure everything is working fine and don’t delete your backups in case you find something later on.

Final Word

If you prefer, we can upgrade your store for you – please check out more details on this at DFY Services.

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