How do I change my Fresh Store Builder store domain name?

Perhaps you’ve reconsidered your niche and are looking to re-purpose an existing store setup under a different domain, or maybe you signed up for our Free Demo Store, migrated and now need to give your store a real domain name. Whatever the case may be, changing your store domain name / url is a fairly simple and straightforward process and I’ll be showing you how to in this guides.

Step 1:

The first step involved here is making sure your domain name has been registered and pointed to your hosting. 

Double check with your hosting provider on what the correct nameservers for your domain should be. An easy way to check if you have the correct nameservers is by looking it up here:

Note: If at this stage, your domain is not showing the correct nameservers for your host, DO NOT PROCEED further or you could end up not being able to access your store. You’ve been warned.

Step 2:

The second step involved is to park the domain name on your hosting account (the one holding your store). About 99% of users will be hosted under cpanel, so we will use that as a reference. When logged in to your cpanel, look for “Parked Domains” option. Assuming your step 1 above is correct, you should be able to enter your domain name here and PARK it under your account. You will be asked for a directory where the domain should land when accessed. This directory should be the one that belongs to the store you are looking to change the domain name for. Most generally this will be in the root of the account, ie: /home/username/public_html. However, in environments where you have multiple websites, this could be a subfolder of your root, ie: /home/username/public_html/website_name.

If you didn’t chose the correct folder at first, don’t worry, you can always adjust by editing the value after it has been set. Just click on the folder option within the “Parked Domains” area and adjust the folder path accordingly.

At this stage, if all has been done correctly, typing the domain name should already take you to your store on the web browser, and you should confirm this to be the case before proceeding further. If the domain name does not correctly takes you to the store you wanted to, please re-read the steps above and adjust accordingly, otherwise, as mentioned before you will end up NOT being able to access your store. You’ve been warned a 2nd time.

Step 3:

All that is left now is that you login to your freshadmin interface for the store you want to change the domain name for, go to “Settings” -> “Parameters” and herein, adjust the URL for your store to match the one for your new domain name. This will make sure that all the store links now correctly point to the new domain name. You will still be able to access the store through the old domain name but all the store links will be rewritten to the new domain name.

Once you save the parameters, everything should be done. You might be asked to re-login as the store admin since you’ll now be under a new domain name, if that is the case, simply re-login and you should be all set.

If you feel lost or have issues in the process of adjusting this, feel free to open a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

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