How to Verify Website Using Upload File Method

This quick guide will show you how to upload any verification file to verify that you own the domain. This can be used with Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster or any of the social media websites that require you to upload a file to verify you own the domain.

This guide is showing me using cPanels file manager but you can use FTP and its the same steps. The most important thing is to make sure you are uploading the file to the correct directory for that domain.

If you have 10 addon domains then each of those 10 addon domains has its own directory on your server. So if you wanted to verify each of those 10 domains, you would need to upload the verification file to each of the addon domains directory on your hosting server

Step 1. Login to your hosting server using FTP or your cPanel file manager feature.

Step 2. Now you need to find the directory for the domain you want to verify. If you have addon domains then each domain will have it’s own folder and it’s usually the domain name.

One you are in the correct directory for the domain you want to verify, you will need to click the UPLOAD icon to upload the verification file to that directory.

Step 3. This guide is showing me uploading the Bing Webmaster Verification File. This same method can be used for any website that wants to verify that you own that domain. You need to follow these same steps to upload the file.

Step 4. You can do a quick test to confirm the file has been uploaded to the correct location.

If you visit

(replace “filename” with the exact file name that you uploaded including the extension)

You should see the file load up. If you get a 404 error or any other error, then the file was not uploaded to the correct directory.

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