Your First FSB Store… In 10 Steps

In your member account, you will find the tools, training and support you need to build successful and profitable websites. This guide offers a quick overview of the specific steps you need to take in order to get your first store up and running. These are the 10 Steps we will cover in this guide:

Step 1: Find A Worthwhile Niche
 Step 2: Get A Niche-Related Domain Name
 Step 3: Get Web Hosting
 Step 4: Upload FSB Software Into Your Hosting Account’s C-Panel
 Step 5: Get Your API keys (through your Amazon affiliate account*)
 Step 6: Login To Your Store URL and Activate Store License
 Step 7: Begin Setting-Up Your Store Basics
 …… Set-Up Categories and Pages
 …… Populate Your Store With Products
 Step 8 : Set-Up A Blog
 Step 9: Tweak BEFORE Going Live!
 Step 10: Launch Your Store!

Under each step listed below, you will find links to the appropriate video(s) or guide(s) which were intended to help you understand and accomplish each task. You can also download a PDF of this guide here:

If you want to get an overview of the latest version of Fresh Store Builder, you can watch this video:

What Do You Need To Build Your First Store?

Besides the latest version of the Fresh Store Builder Software (FSB) which you will find in your account, you will also need the following to set-up your first store:

  • A Niche
  • A Niche-Related Domain
  • Web Hosting
  • An Amazon Affiliate Account*
  • WordPress Booster Plugin (optional but recommended)
  • A Responsive WordPress Theme

Don’t worry, we will cover each of the above-mentioned items in the steps that follow. And remember that if you get stuck, help can be found either in the forums, the Facebook Mastermind group or Support (for any technical issues, of course).

Step 1: Find A Worthwhile Niche

What Is A Niche?

Deciding on a Niche

Keyword Research In A Niche

Step 2: Get A Niche-Related Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name

Decisions To Make …

… Domain for eStore with a sub-directory for a Blog
 You may want to focus on a domain suitable for your eStore (eg, and the blog would be on a sub-directory as or

… Blog domain name with a sub-directory for eStore
 You may have an existing niche domain/blog and want to add the eStore to it (eg, which means that the eStore will be in a sub-directory) (example:

Get A Domain Name

Step 3: Get Web Hosting

Get Web Hosting

Recommended Hosting and Domain Registration

Step 4: Upload FSB Into Your Hosting Account’s C-Panel

Remember to get to your cPanel login screen, you would type the following URL:

How to Install Fresh Store Builder

——— Other Help and C Panel guides (if you need it)

Create a MySQL Database

Step 5: Get Your API Keys (through your Amazon affiliate account*)

How to find your Amazon Key and Secret Key

Don’t have an Amazon affiliate account?
 You can apply for an Amazon affiliate account by going to:

* Applying for an Amazon Associates Account

Note: If you do not have an existing website to qualify for the Amazon affiliate account, follow the instructions on the above link about setting up a free blog in order to qualify for the Amazon Account. Please Do Not attempt to submit an unfinished FSB store for an Amazon Account – use the blog instead.

Step 6: Login To Your Store URL

You will log into your new store by going to:

Step 7: Begin Setting-Up Your Store Basics

Quick Store Setup

——— Other Help (if you need it)

Adding Content to Your Amazon Store

…… Set-Up Categories and Pages

Setting Up Categories

…… Populate Your Store With Products

Adding Products

——— Other Help (if you need it)

Populating Your Store Products

Step 8: Set-Up A Blog

How to Install a WordPress Blog to a Fresh Store Builder Website

How to Install Fresh Store Booster WP Plugin (an optional WordPress plugin that adds value to your blog)

How to Install a Matching FSB WordPress Theme (an optional WordPress theme that matches your store)

Step 9: Tweak BEFORE Going Live!

Important! Please make sure you have read the Go Live Checklist before you launch. You only get one chance to make a first impression on Google and your potential customers.

‘Go Live’ Checklist

Step 10: Launch Your Store!

Launch Your Store

Once you are sure you are ready to launch, login to your admin area and navigate to the “Parameters” section under the “Tools” menu. On here, find the Site Live parameter and change to “On”. Click save and your site is now launched!

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