Create a MySQL Database in phpMyAdmin

To install Fresh Store Builder you need to create a database. You can do this easily via cPanel using this step by step guide.

What is a database?

A database is simply a place to store information. In Fresh Store Builder the database is used to store your products, your categories, your product content, information for reports etc. etc.

So Where Do I Start?

Creating a database is done via cPanel, which is introduced in a previous guide “Getting Web Hosting”. Simply login to your cPanel to get started. You can typically do this by visiting and entering your hosting username and password.

Finding the Database Tool

Once you are logged in to cPanel you will be presented with a lot of options. What we are interested in here is the “MySQL Databases” option, highlighted in the image to your right. Please note that your cPanel may look slightly different to this screenshot.

Here are the steps to create a new database (MySQL Database) in your account.

1. Click the MySQL Databases link in your cPanel, as highlighted in the “cPanel Main Page” screenshot

2. Create a new database.
 On the top of the page you will see the “Create New Database” box. It should have your hosting account name with an underscore then an input box. Enter a short name to identify the store; you can enter anything you like here (e.g. for I would enter “tsg”). Now click the “Create Database” button and keep a note of your full database name for later.

3. Create a database user.
 Click the back link to return to the main MysSQL Database screen. You will now see your database in the list under “Current Databases”. Scroll down to the MySQL Users section and enter a username and password for your database user. Again the username can be anything, and I typically just use the database name with a “u” (in our example from above this would be “tsgu”). Click to generate a password or enter your own. Make a note of these details and click the “Create User” button.

4. Our last step is to give your user permission to use the database.
 To do this, scroll down to the “Add User To Database” section. Choose your user and database from the drop down boxes. Then click “Add” and you will be taken to another page. Check the “All Priveleges” tickbox and click the “Make Changes” button.


Make sure you have kept the details of your database so you can use them when installing Fresh Store Builder. You should have a database name (e.g. “myaccount_tgs”), a user name (e.g. myaccount_tgsu) and a password.

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