Guide to Building and Maintaining Your FSI (FSB) Affiliate Store

Building Your Stores

1- Staring with a Blank Store

 - If you would like to start fresh with a blank store to build your own unique store with your custom keyword categories, products and logo/header. Then I would recommend starting with a blank store. You can see the video on installing a blank store in your FSI account area, ----> Installing Blank FSI Store

2- Start with a 10 Second Store

- We have hundreds of pre made stores in different niches. These stores come pre-setup with categories, products, template options and a logo/header image uploaded. This is a great way to get into a niche if you are not really sure what to do. You can scan over the hundreds of pre-made stores and give one a try. You can always delete it and try another store. I highly recommend taking the time to make your 10SS unique by changing up the keyword names, changing the store name, adding your own unique content and changing the logo/header. Video -----> Installing a 10 Second Store

Editing Your Stores

Once you have installed your store, if its a blank store you will need to setup all the categories, add new products and go over the template options. 

If you have a 10SS installed, it will come pre-set with defaults for everything below, we recommend you take the time to make your store unique by changing the details and SEO & Meta information.

  • Adding/Deleting Products

  You can quickly add/delete products using multiple options in your control panel. You can add products using the following tools. Click --- > Guide on Adding Products

  • Editing SEO & Meta Information.
  • Adding/Deleting Categories
  • Editing Template Options/Images/Logos
  • Going over Store Parameters 

Adding Content Value to Your Affiliate Stores

  • Adding Content to Category Pages
  • Adding Content to the Home Page
  • Create New Content Pages
  • Where to Find Content
  • Keyword Research

Marketing Your Stores

  • Setting up matching Social Media Profiles
  • Setting up your FSI RSS feed to post to social media
  • Manually posting to your social media accounts
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