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  • What is an A Record?

    “A” records (also known as host records) are the central records of DNS. These records link a domain, or subdomain, to an IP address. An A record tells a DNS server what specific IP address to map for

  • Setting up Email Authentication

    This tutorial will teach how to set up Email Authentication. Email Authentication is the effort to equip messages of the email transport system with enough verifiable information so that recipients ca

  • What is a CNAME Record?

    A CNAME, or Cononical Name, record tells DNS that this hostname is an alias of another domain name. This hostname then ends up resolving to the same IP address as the target domain name. For each CNAM

  • Your First FSB Store… In 10 Steps

    In your member account, you will find the tools, training and support you need to build successful and profitable websites. This guide offers a quick overview of the specific steps you need to take

  • Do I need to go to my Client Area or my cPanel?

    Do I need to go to my Client Area or my cPanel?? Sometimes it is hard to figure out where you really need to go to do things. Most people get confused at one time or another, so here is a little refre

  • Adding a Custom Subdomain to your Store

    This guide will show you how you can keep your domain on your existing hosting account or domain name provider and create a subdomain with an A record to point to your Fresh Store.

  • Do I Need a Domain Name and Hosting?

    With a Fresh Store package, you will not need to purchase hosting accounts or domain. Super-fast cloud hosting is included with all Fresh Store packages and we manage that entirely for you. We

  • What is an Amazon Tracking ID and how do I create one?

    What is an Amazon Tracking ID? Also known as an "Amazon Tag", this is what tracks the sales to your account and makes sure you get commissions from Amazon This guide will go over how to set up new

  • How do I get traffic to my fresh stores?

    This is one of the most asked questions we get on our live chat and emails when it comes to their Fresh Stores or WordPress blogs. (THIS GUIDE WILL BE UPDATED OVERTIME TO INCLUDE NEW INFORMATION,

  • What is RSS?

    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Basically, what RSS feed does is help you spread content without having to do it manually or daily yourself. Once you add the link to the desired location,

  • What is Fresh Cloud?

    Fresh Cloud is the new innovative product brought to you by Fresh Labs! Stay tuned for more info.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fresh Store Builder

    How Do I Get a Domain Name? Getting a domain name involves registering the name you want with an organization called ICANN through a domain name registrar. For example, if you choose a name like

  • What is the Premium Club?

    You can choose to upgrade and become a Premium Club member, which gives you a host of benefits. Click Here to see ALL the Premium Club Benefits If you are a Premium Club member, we want to thank you

  • 01 - What is a Niche?

    This guide is a quick overview of what a niche is and how it relates to your Amazon Store. What is the big deal with niches anyway? When we talk about niches with regards to websites and internet

  • What is the Amazon Product Advertising API v5?

    In this video we go over all your questions about the Amazon Product Advertising API version 5. Amazon recently updated from v4 to v5 and all plugins, tools and services that have not updated will

  • What is a Favicon, and How Do I Create One?

    A favicon (short for favorites icon), is also known as a shortcut icon, bookmark icon, URL icon, or a website icon. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own favicon. A favicon is simply a 16

  • What is a Category Group and how do I set them up?

    When you install a new store, by default there will be 1 category group created. Its called "Browse Categories". You can create as many groups as you like to separate your products. For example, if

  • Amazon API Key Issues - Throttling, Limits and What You Can Do

    Amazon made changes to the API and API keys on 28th January 2019. This video explains what to do if you have no keys, how we are making things easier, how to optimize your store, and more: Video

  • How to Create an Auto Responder

    This tutorial will teach you how to create an auto responder. You can use auto responders to send a message back automatically to anyone who sends an email to a certain account. This tutorial will ass

  • How to Create an Add-On Domain

    This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to use and set up an Add-on domain. An Add-on domain is a separate domain from the main account using space available. Giving you multiple accounts in

  • How to install an SSL Certificate in cPanel

    Installing an SSL Certificate in cPanel requires that the domain be assigned a dedicated IP to begin with, so check your cPanel or with your hosting company as to your IP status. Secondly in order to

  • Why am I seeing an unexpected $1 payment?

    Why am I seeing this $1 charge? In order to start a Free Trial for any of our products or services, our payment system will check your payment method to make sure it is valid. With some payment

  • Automatically Create Internal Backlinks for an SEO Boost

    The Fresh Store dashboard has the ability to automatically add internal links onto your pages. What is an internal link? An internal link is a link on your site that directs to another page within

  • How to research an Amazon niche for Conversion Pro

    In this video, we share strategies on researching an Amazon niche for focusing on a single product. This video focuses on using the Conversion Pro template but can be applied to other websites that

  • Is this a WordPress plugin?

    Fresh Store is not just a simple WordPress plugin - it's a complete affiliate website system built from the ground up. We feel that WordPress is a great content system but trying to bend it to fit a

  • Why should I create an Amazon or eBay affiliate store?

    We have been running successful affiliate websites since around 2007. Many years later, after experimenting in many different areas, they are still our favourite way to make an online income. Why?

  • Want more traffic? Try these

    Traffic is one of the most asked about topic we get from customers. "How do I get traffic?" You can't just build a store and call it a night. With a little effort, your site can become successful and

  • How do I add an Amazon Tracking ID to my store?

    How to add your Affiliate Tracking ID to your store Log into your stores dashboard, then click on the SETTINGS tab on the sidebar. Under the settings tab, click on Your Amazon Settings. Finally, add

  • How do I add an HTML Banner to my Store Sidebar?

    Adding an Amazon banner ad, Google banner ad or any other HTML banner ad to your Fresh Store Builder store sidebar is easy. In this guide you will learn how to add an Amazon ad to your store. STEP 1:

  • Where is my Fresh Store Builder Purchase?

    The old account area has been merged into Fresh Store to make it easier for you to manage everything from one control panel. If you purchased Fresh Store Builder in the past,

  • What happened to Fresh Bundle Master?

    Fresh Bundle Master has been merged into a new product called OneAzon. We changed the name because this no longer only creates bundles, it gives you a host of other features and options including

  • How to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for an SSL Certificate

    Please follow these simple steps to create a new Certificate Signing Request for your domain name. Login to the cpanel of your hosting account. This can be achieved by visiting w

  • 03 - Tell them what to do

    When creating your store, it’s essential that you do not add too many products. You want to limit the number of products not because it’s easier to edit them (because it is) but because you want to

  • How do I Get an Amazon Key & Secret Key for the API?

    IMPORTANT - If you are a Fresh Store or OneAzon member then you don't need your own Amazon keys right away. You can use our built-in keys until you have built up some sales and can then apply for

  • My website is slow, I can’t get anything done!

    If you are a FWH customer and you are facing load speed issues or the server is not as responsive as you would normally expect we certainly want to hear from you! We go to great lengths in ensuring ou

  • What are the Fresh Store Builder server requirements?

    IMPORTANT - We do not provide support for Fresh Store Builder on your own server or hosting. We strongly recommend you to upgrade to Fresh Store Instant. Requirements To install Fresh Store Builder

  • Check if IP is Blocked, How to Unblock it from Client Area

    The servers you are on run Firewall software called “CSF” for short, ( Config Server Firewall). So if you find that you can visit the world wide web “EXCEPT” it would seem for your web site, your webm

  • What are Amazon Cookies? Are they 90 days or 24 hours?

    What are Amazon Cookies? To track your sales, Amazon will set a cookie with your visitor. When they click a link from your store or website and arrive on Amazon, the cookie is created and set. The

  • Part 02 - What are Affiliate Websites and Why Create Them?

    These are great questions and the perfect place to start. So what exactly is an affiliate? Being an affiliate means selling products from another website (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc.) and making

  • 07 - How to create great content

    In this guide we take a look at methods for creating content yourself and properly outsourcing content to save you time. Not everyone likes writing articles and content, but some people enjoy it.

  • 10 - Reddit Strategy

    Like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, Reddit is a very popular social website with a huge community. In this guide, we will look at how we can use Reddit to generate traffic to our stores and

  • Direct Links Option for Single Products - OneAzon Feature

    What is this feature? This is a setting which allows you to choose how your Amazin link behaves for single products. The default is an "Add to Cart" option, or you can change it to be "Direct to the

  • 03 - How to Add Value to Your Store

    Adding value to your site is what this section is all about. But what is value and how does this apply store? Read on to find out. What Makes a Valuable Site? If you have read the previous guide on “

  • 10 - SEO Basics

    You do not have to be an expert writer in order to write content and have your store rank. If you are using the right key words in your unique content, your store will start to get organic traffic.

  • 09 - Getting Ideas for Content

    Adding unique content can help customers find your store. If you want your store to rank on search engine, you need to spend a little time on content. Where to Add Content You should add content to

  • I can’t access the server via FTP, Email, cPanel or Website… it will not load or my password is rejected

    Simple answer is, you’ve hit the firewall and are currently blocked by the server. When you attempt to login 10 times without success your IP address is banned by our firewall for 5 minutes. After 5 m

  • How to Create A POP Email Account

    This tutorial will teach you how to create POP email accounts. These accounts will be based off of your domain name(s). This tutorial will assume that you are logged into your cPanel. If you are havin

  • 09 - Paid Traffic

    We all want to aim for organic traffic because it’s free and natural. If you already have some good traffic and sales and want to see more, then you can try boosting sales with paid traffic. One

  • How to Utilize Giveaways for Traffic

    Everyone wants to create a store that gets organic traffic. You can take a look at our guide on the subject here. If you are getting steady traffic to your website and social media pages, it's time

  • 01 - Introduction to growing your empire

    When you create a successful store, you want to repeat the process in order to grow your empire. This means if you want to create another site, you have to dissect what worked for your store and